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To receive our high-quality service, please provide us with the information below. Please enter the number on the bar code and submit the form below. You are eligible to warranty and other service!

  • 1) The warranty period of one year starts from the date of sales.

    2) Before using the equipment, please read the manual and warranty conditions, fill in the complete warranty card on our official website to register your product.

    3) If you do not know the date of sale, the warranty period begins with the manufacturing date of the unit.

    4) If the packaging is damaged upon receipt, please open the package immediately to check the product for damages. If the product is damaged, please ask the carrier to confirm the damage to you in writing. We can only accept claims with a written confirmation from the carrier.

    5) Filter and other consumables are not covered by the warranty.

  • Tips: Under the following conditions there is no warranty coverage:

    1) Use of a non-authorized service center for installation, maintenance or disassembly of the product;

    2) Deformation of the product or if the warranty seal is damaged;

    3) Unreadable serial number (including but not limited to wear, erasing, modification or damage);

    4) Damage caused by natural disasters (fire, flood, etc.) and force majeure;

    5) If the product failure is caused by abnormal use, such as excessive force, aggressive chemical substances,

    6) If the cause was a faulty power supply;

    7) If the product failure was caused by objects falling in the product, liquids or insects and their life activity products;

    8) If the product failure is caused by an incorrectly stored product (excessive heat, humidity)