• WallAir fresh air purifier– Provides a maximum of 176m³/h of fresh air,suitable for an area of 20-40㎡ with a room height of less than 3m.

  • Simplivity design– It has an elegant design and only occupies a small space; it provides fresh air and can purify the indoor air at the same time, ensuring clean air with constant positive pressure for the ventilated space.

  • Germany 4.0 Intelligent Technology– It can be linked with the BAM-M100 Air Wizard and BWN100 wireless to further enhance the fresh air purification effect and the degree of coverage.

3 reasons for choosing Bergluft

Healthy fresh air


Only fresh air can be healthy

Overcome the CO₂ pollution of air purifiers.

You get clean fresh outdoor air and we clean your indoor air at the same time.

For fast room cleaning you get up to 176m3 / h of fresh outdoor air.

This is enough fresh air for 6 people.


German quality 5 stage HEPA safe air filtration technology

No ozone emission.

Modular high efficiency filter design ensures low air pressure loss, long filter life to save you filter costs and to protect the environment.

HEPA H13 grade PM2.5 filtration efficiency of up to 99.95%.

Ultra-high surface area activated carbon to absorb organic substances like formaldehyde, VOC and smell.


Optimized air Outlet

Preventing direct air exposure and ensuring best air distribution in the room.

Improving your comfort.


Winter Comfort Mode

Efficient heating function conditions the outdoor fresh air to ensure your home stays warm and comfortable.


Silent sleep mode

Only 27 dB silent, lights are off.

30m³ / h fresh air volume, ensuring WHO health standard for 2 sleeping people .

Smart comfort


Smart air quality

German SAQC (Smart Air Quality Control) patented technology.

Real-time monitoring of indoor air quality.

Automatically adjusting the amount of fresh air to WHO health standards for indoor air quality .


Smart filter life

German SFM (Smart Filter Usage) patented technology.

Measures filter usage and automatically remind the user to clean or replace the filter, one more thing you do not have to worry about.


Constant fresh air volume

Germany SCAV (Smart Constant Air Volume) patented technology.

Regardless of the degree of filter usage, the fresh air volume remains constant, always get the right healthy air volume .


RF remote control

Using the latest RF remote control technology.

The remote control does not need to be aimed at the unit, adjusting becomes more convenient.


Delay function

Delayed shutdown, easy control.


Color icon display

Real-time air quality and filter status .


APP wireless remote control

Real-time precise control of indoor air.

Allows wireless control of air volume and operating mode.

Access to a convenient purchase network, wireless Internet maintenance and other maintenance services.


IOT Wireless

Seamless docking into Amazon Echo smart home platform.

Easy adding other networking equipment like an air monitor.


One-way flow becomes bidirectional flow

Germany 4.0 Wireless IoT Technology.

It can be wirelessly linked to any brand of exhaust fan.

The air volume is automatically adapted to the fresh air volume to avoid indoor negative pressure.

Professional quality you can rely on


40 years of fresh air ventilation experience in Germany

Positive pressure ensures air cleanliness and blocks polluted air from entering your home through leakages in doors and windows.


Multiple protection

Filter failure shutdown protection, preventing secondary pollution.

Fan stall protection.


German quality industrial-grade all-metal smart ventilator

Much higher longevity than domestic plastic fans.

Rear mounted, durable, minimized maintenance costs.


Easy to install

Flexible wall-mounted design adjusting to the space, air inlet can be installed left, right or in the back.

Flat outside inlet does not affect the external appearance and requires no structural changes to the wall.

3 advantages

  • Unique elegant design

    Germany Red Dot Award design team needed 10 months and seven complete revisions.

    Inspired by the aerodynamic classic Archimedean spiral to minimize air resistance and noise while significantly improving fan efficiency and user comfort.

  • Easy to install

    Compact size, German quality HEPA H13 medical grade air filtration technology.

    No pipes required, savings in installation costs and time.

    Flexible installation on the back or the sides, suitable for a variety of installation environment.

  • Smart and comfortable

    Germany SAQC (Smart Air Quality Control) patented air quality control.

    Germany SCAV (Smart Constant Air Volume) constant volume patented technology.

    Germany SFM (Smart Filter Management) patented filter life technology.

4 main differences vs. the air purifier

  • Fresh air

    We provide fresh outdoor air while we purify your indoor air.
  • Ventilation

    Through continuous ventilation we eliminate indoor pollution from organic volatile substances like formaldehyde, provide healthy indoor oxygen levels and prevent toxic CO2 levels that can create headache, dizziness and impact concentration.
  • Provide protection through positive pressure

    We prevent outdoor dirty air from entering the room.
  • Wall-mounted installation

    Saving floor space, year-round operation, automatically controlled indoor air quality in line with WHO health air standards.


Dimensions582 mm (height) * 336 mm (width) * 166 mm (depth)
Air volume30/60/100/176 m3/h
Filter5 level HEPA filter: air grille+ early effect G4+ efficiency F6 + catalytic activated carbon + H13
PM2.5 clearance rate99.95%
Carbon dioxide concentrationControlled at 1000 PPM
Wind speed1~3 m/s
Noise27 ~ 55 dB
Power850 W
Wall diameterDiameter 120mm
Duct diameterDiameter 110mm
Mounting heightRecommended from the ground not less than 400mm

User Information

  • Q For which room size should the unit be used?

    Best suitable for 1 to 3 people, 35 ㎡。

  • Q What are the installation requirements?

    It is recommended to install the unit in a room where people stay longer, this means in areas where air quality has the greatest impact on health such as bedrooms, children's rooms, study rooms and living rooms. Nothing should cover the air outlet or the air inlet on both sides of the unit or the sensor on the right side. The gap between the unit and the wall, ceiling or floor must be not less than 400mm. Drilling should only be performed in areas free of pipes or wires (electrical wire, heating, water supply pipes, etc.), a 10A power socket should be available within 3 feet.

  • Q How often does the filter need to be replaced?

    Under normal circumstances a filter can be used 4 to 6 months. At maximum, any used filter should be replaced after 9 months, but the precise length of time depends on the air volume and the air quality. Bergluft new air purifier filter life patented technology allows real-time monitoring of the filter usage, and will promptly remind the user when to clean or replace.