Leading technology

  • 40 years of German air flow design know-how – 40 years of professional experience, we created Bergluft airflow design to optimize filter efficiency, air volume, air pressure and noise.

  • German medical-grade air filtration technology– Safety and efficiency is the reason: Bergluft uses pure physical filter technology to ensure highest filtration efficiency with zero ozone risk.

  • German Industry 4.0 Smart Technology– German engineering technology does not stop at high-tech standards, but is designed for the user's health and comfort lifestyle. Bergluft uses 3 leading smart technologies to create a better user comfort experience.

  • IOT Wireless Link– Bergluft allows you to quickly build your smart home and fully enjoy the benefits of IOT.

5 leading technologies

German professional air flow design


German professional air flow design

Due to the outdoor air inlet, the fresh air ventilation system requires a different design comparing to the air purifier. Size of cross sections, turns, edges, air speed, pressure all have a significant impact, without the correct air flow design, the result will be performance problems, a negative impact on filter efficiency, air volume, air pressure, and noise and everything has an impact on the comfort of the user.


Unique fan design

Due to the use of outdoor air, the fan type and material plays a much more critical role for the air flow, which requires high and constant fan performance regardless of air pressure loss and selected air volume.


Professional system design

The temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor air poses an additional challenge to the ventilation system design

Also what most of the traditional fresh air systems ignore is the impact of increasing air resistance in the filter that is caused by the dirt that builds up over time. This results in a fast reduction of the airflow over time. The user only gets the promised airflow with fresh filters, but already after 1 week the unit does not provide the promised air.

BERGLUFT has been already awarded 7 patents in this area and provides you constantly with enough healthy air.

German medical - grade safe air filtration technology


HEPA H13 safe and efficient filter

German medical grade full physical air filtration technology

PM2.5 filtration efficiency of 99.97%

Filtration efficiency is stable and will not decrease over time and is not dependent on the air volume like the electrostatic purifier.

There is no safety risk associated with ozone


Progressive multistage filter design

Progressive multistage filter design optimizes the filter performance to achieve high efficiency and reduce the air resistance.

The progressively increasing filter stages protect each other and extend filter life time


Dual-mode removal of formaldehyde, VOC and other odor

The multistage filter contains ultra-high surface area granular catalytic activated carbon, which can effectively absorb formaldehyde, VOC and other odor;

Continuous ventilation prevents volatile substances like formaldehyde or VOC to build up.

German Industry 4.0 Smart Technology


Automatic recognition of filter life

German SFM (Smart Filter Management) patented technology

Based on the filter usage and pollution absorption the user is automatically reminded when to clean or replace the filter.


Smart constant fresh air volume

German SCAV (Smart Constant Air Volume) patented technology

Regardless of the degree of filter usage, your fresh air purifier maintains a constant output of fresh air.


Intelligent air quality

German SAQC (Smart Air Quality Control) patented technology

Real-time monitoring of indoor air quality

According to real-time air quality data, your fresh air purifier automatically adjusts the fresh air volume to ensure that indoor air quality always exceeds or meets the WHO standards

IOT Wireless Connectedness


Wireless Internet connection

Wireless WIFI interface

Connect an air monitor or other equipment to enhance the accuracy and interaction between devices.

Experience the convenience of internet of things


100% Compatible with Amazon Echo

Easy voice control

Easy interaction with other intelligent devices

Build your own smart home

AI cloud service


AI cloud service

Real-time tracking of the operating performance including filters, fans, and other key components

Efficient predictive maintenance as well as service

Enjoy a more accurate service.


Wireless remote control

Real-time accurate control of indoor air quality

Wireless control of the air volume and the operation mode

Easily track the usage of the filters.


APP interconnection services

One-touch ordering of replacement filters

Internet booking of service appointments and maintenance

Access to your full-service records