1.Please watch this video before the installation.

2.Please only entrust a professional with the installation.

3.The package includes the installation template and instructions.

  • Before the installation

    1. Make sure at least one side of the room has an outside wall that can be used for the installation. 2. The wall you pick for the installation must be flat. 3.The distance between the equipment and the walls, floors or ceilings must not be less than 400mm. 4. Check for any pipes or wires in the wall that could be damaged by the installation. 5. Mark the holes for fixing the unit and for the ventilation pipe with the installation card. 6. Use the dust bag for the installation.
  • The Installation

    1. The air duct must be drilled 3 to 5 degrees downwards to prevent rainwater from getting into the room. 2. The outside grille must face downwards, needs to be installed horizontally and be aligned with the outside wall. 3. The ventilation pipe should be tightly sealed in the wall.
  • After the installation

    1. The unit should be mounted securely and flat on the wall. 2. The unit should operate normally. 3. The installation area should be clean. 4. Warranty card should be filled out.
  1. Charges
  2. FAQ about installation
  • 1) The standard price for an installation is: 300 RMB

    2) If 2 or more installations are performed at the same address and on the same day, the second installation should cost only 200 RMB

    3) The above guidelines cover standard installations, exceptions from the standard are described below

  • Standard Installation:

    1. Installation team uses professional diamond drilling equipment for the outside wall with a diameter of 120mm to ensure that the drilling is clean and interior wall is not damaged. 2. The installation is performed from the inside only, the installation does not require work outside. 3. Install the fresh air purifier. 4. Use the remote control to check if the device is operating properly. 5. Demonstrate the use of the unit with the remote control and with the APP.
  • Non-Standard Installation:

    1. Pipe needs to be extended - 100 yuan / meter. 2. The bottom of the equipment to the ground is higher than 1.7 meters - 100 yuan. 3. Each additional drilling - 200 yuan / hole. 4. The wall thickness of more than 1 m - 100 yuan. 5. The wall is made from wood and thicker than 25cm - 100 yuan. 6. The wall has an insulation layer - 100 yuan. 7. If an additional appointment needs to be made - 100 yuan / time. 8. Installation in a remote area – costs depend on the mileage and needs to be discussed with the installation team. 9. If the installation needs to be performed outside at a high altitude, you need to get an additional quote from the installer.