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  • Q Do air-conditioning unit use the same type of remote control? What is range of the remote control?

    The remote control is based on radio frequency which means you do not have to point it on the device. The range is about 30 meters. The remote control most air conditioning units or TVs are using are infrared remote controls and must be pointed at the unit. The use of our radio frequency based remote control is much more convenient and easy.

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  • Q Will the Bergluft fresh air purifier run the whole day? How much power does it consume?

    The Bergluft air purifier can monitor the air quality in real-time and will only provide the air needed to maintain the healthy indoor air quality status. That means when no one is in the room, the unit will shut off automatically, but if several people are in the room, the unit will continue to run, since oxygen is consumed and CO2 levels and smell otherwise would build up. For normal operation, the power is below 52W operation. If you run the unit for 10 hours, that means you consume only 0.52 kWh of electricity, about 0.3 yuan / day.

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  • Q How long is the product warranty?

    You have a warranty of 1 year for the whole unit and a 3-year warranty on the motor.

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