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Our design story

Despite all the warnings we had received, we were still struck by the air pollution we encountered when we arrived in Beijing. Shortly after moving to Beijing, our 4 - year old son, Leon, began to cough constantly, even during his slept. The doctor said that he had bronchitis and was deteriorating. I was not able to sleep anymore.

I had to find a way to protect my family!

With a team in Germany with more than 40 years of experience in room ventilation it took me 18 months and 11 designs iterations, until we were able to develop our final version. It is 70% smaller than the traditional fresh air system, smarter and more efficient than a central ventilation system and protected by 7 patents. What protects my family can now protect your family. Our solution represents the ideas, values, and beliefs of our design team.


Our mission is to bring you healthy mountain air wherever you are.

-BERGLUFT founder Mr. Ivo Rolf Alexander Huhmann

The story of Bergluft

Share with you why we design the new ventilation system and what we want to bring for you.

Brand Story

  • BERGLUFT is German and can be translated as "mountain air." It represents the freshness and cleanliness of the air in the mountains.

    The German quality is not limited to the design, but is a way of living healthy. It is a part of every product we produce, its quality, smartness, effectiveness and comfort. The BERGLUFT brand is a combination of the best of German engineering and living customized for the Chinese people.

  • While the German executive Mr. Ivo Huhmann was living with his family in Beijing, his family suffered severely from the air pollution. Since air purifiers and no other solution he could find in China worked, he did not hesitate to spend 250.000 RMB to import a central ventilation system from Germany, renovate the entire house for 4 weeks and spend another 100.000 RMB to achieve mountain air quality at his home in China.

  • After he returned to Munich, he worked diligently with a team of engineers with more than 40 years of experience in the ventilation industry to make this solution smaller, more effective and much cheaper and available for a large population in China. After revising 11 versions and working hard for 18 months he developed our new product. He took this prototype to field tests in various cities in China to collect data and proof the effectiveness. Then he returned to Germany to optimize the prototype, now we achieve with our decentralized ventilation unit the air quality of the Alps.

  • The German engineering does not stop at the technical aspects, but focuses as much on the user experience. The air ventilation must be effective, healthy, comfortable and elegant at the same time. Our products use smart software and sensors, the software and electronic design took 1 year of repeated revisions until through collaborative effort the new generation of the fresh air purifier was born.

  • It incorporates seven leading international patented technologies that combine perfect filtration of fresh air, quiet operation with elegant design and smart identification of filter usage to remind you when to replace the filter as well as an automatic real-time monitoring of your in-room air quality, air volume, and a remote control. The decentralized ventilation system delivers more air per room and in a much smarter way than the product that Mr. Huhmann imported from Germany. The system is much cheaper and saves 70% of the space compared to a traditional ventilation system and only takes 1 hour to install!

  • Breath healthy Bergluft air with every breath and every day. BERGLUFT never stops inventing and improving and will bring you healthy mountain air, wherever you go.

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