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Application - Home

Application - Home

Per day we consume at least 12-17 cubic meters of fresh air. If 3 people stay in an unventilated apartment of 80m2, after 5 hours the CO2 levels will have reached unhealthy 2500PPM, resulting in headache, sleepiness, lack of concentration, inability for children to learn effectively. Many people have experienced this impact after sleeping a whole night in a closed air-conditioned room. When waking up, they have not recovered fully and are still tired.

9 great benefits

Provide fresh, healthy air.

Filtration of PM2.5

Mildew proof

Reduce noise pollution

Antibacterial dustproof

Removal of TVOC

Ventilated take a breath

The antibacterial

Positive pressure protection

4 biggest differences

New air purifier.

Clean indoor and outdoor air at the same time.

Keep the indoor air under pressure to prevent outdoor dirty air from entering.

The air conditioning


Provide fresh air

Keep the indoor air under pressure to prevent outdoor dirty air from entering.

Exhaust fan

Expel the dirty air from the room.

Cause indoor air negative pressure, causing outdoor dirty air to enter.

Air cleaner

Filter only indoor air.

Provide fresh air

Keep the indoor air under pressure to prevent outdoor dirty air from entering.

Application scenarios

Application scenarios


This is a place where we spend a significant part of our life.
While sleeping people need enough fresh and healthy air. Every person breathes out large amounts of CO2 and the furniture, carpets and wall paint emit volatile and harmful substances like formaldehyde. During the night while you sleep the concentration of the harmful substances rise as well as the CO2. This results in dizziness, fatigue but possibly also much more harmful health impacts.
If you install our decentralized ventilation unit, you will immediately feel a significant improvement of your sleep quality. You will wake up refreshed and relaxed.

Application scenarios

Children's room

According to a new UNICET study released on October 31, 2016, the impact of air quality on children's is much more severe than on adults. Children do not only have the risk of developing Pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma but the pollution can even disrupt physical and congnitive (brain) development and therefore their whole future. "Children breath twice as fast as adults and require more air relative to their body weight, and children's respiratory tracts are much more permeable and therefore more fragile, and the immune system is weaker compared to adults." That is why clean and healthy air and the installation of a fresh air purifier is even more critical for children.

- Report source: Clean the air for the child - UNICEF, 31 October 2016

Application scenarios


It is both common sense and life experience: in a closed environment, with a lack of ventilation, carbon dioxide concentration will continue to rise, this is causing headache, sleepiness, lack of concentration as well as inability to learn and other more severe negative health symptoms. Your recovery and efficiency will be significantly reduced. German research shows that for a three-person 80-square-meter house, the indoor carbon dioxide concentration will exceed 1,000 PPM (deteriorating air quality) after 1.5 hours and more than 2,500 PPM (headache unhealthy air quality) in 5 hours. - Reported by Kendall M et al. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol 2002; 282: L109-L114

Installation know-how

Installation know-how

1) The unit must be installed on a wall or near a window with a connection to outdoor air;

2) The unit (height 582mm * 336mm width * 166mm depth) should be installed on a flat wall;

3) The wall where the air duct hole is drilled must not contain any pipe or electric wire;



1. Please pay attention to filter cleaning and replacement indicator and replace the filter in time;


2. Do not use the unit for indoor environments where the temperature is below 5 ºC or above 40 °C or the relative humidity is above 80%.


3. Do not cover the air outlet, inlet on both side of the unit or the sensor on the right side.