AirAngel™ -BAM100

  • AirAngel™ Air Display– It provides on-site indoor air quality in real time, including PM2.5, CO2, and temperature and humidity.

  • Scandinavian design– Simple shape and rear button design, easy to operate.

  • German IOT Smart Technology– It can freely combine with the Bergluft Fresh Air Purification Systems to set a priority purification area and improve the fresh air purification effect and evenness of the ventilated area.

Reasons for choosing Bergluft


Scandinavian design

It is designed by the German Red Dot Awards team and has a simple shape.

It features a rear-mounted button design for easy handling.


Clear and distinct

It uses color management technology, and all air indicators are clear and easy to understand. Red=poor,blue= ok,green- good.


Easy to carry

Small in size, built-in lithium battery, can be moved flexibly.


High-precision laser PM2.5 sensor

It can monitor in real time and accurately detect PM2.5 pollution.



It can be seamlessly linked with Bergluft's fresh air purification system, ensuring the right amount of fresh air volume for your home.


Operating temperature range-10~50℃
Operating humidity range0~95% Non-condensing
Storage temperature range-20~60℃
PM2.5 Detection TechnologyLaser scattering
PM2.5 range0-1000ug/m2
PM2.5 Resolution1ug/m3
CO2 Detection TechnologyNon-disperse infrared technology
CO2 Measuring range400-5000ppm
CO2 Resolution1ppm
VOC Detection TechnologySemiconductor
VOC Display level0~3级
Power supplyDC5V/1A
Power interfaceMicro USB
Total power consumption5W
Net weight350g