Everyday we consume at least 12-17m³ fresh air. If 3 people stay in an unventilated apartment of 80m², the CO2 level indoor will reach unhealthy 2500 PPM in 5 hours, resulting in headache, sleepiness, lack of concentration, inability for children to learn effectively. Many people have experienced this impact after sleeping a whole night in a closed air-conditioned room. When waking up, they have not recovered fully and are still tired.

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Service Apartment

Compared with the hotel rooms, serviced apartments have more sources of air pollution, one additional source being smell from garbage. If not very frequently used, moisture can stay in the apartment and create mold which will smell, volatile substances emitted by furniture or paint can also build up to a high concentration. To avoid these problems you have to ventilate the apartment either frequently manually or install the ventilation system to do it automatically

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Hotel Room

Everyone had this experience, you open the door to your hotel room and you can smell mold or smoke. Most rooms contain carpets and are rather air tight. That is the reason why the smell can build up. Relying on the toilet exhaust fan is not sufficient and it would pull in dirty air in from the outside. If you install a fresh air ventilation system you can get rid of all smell and pollutants inside and always have the healthiest and freshest air. You would feel much more comfortable in the room. You would also enjoy a very healthy and relaxing sleep due to the high amount of oxygen in the room.

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You will have meetings in your office and customer visits, maybe one of your customers will smoke in your office, the paint and the furniture in your office emit unhealthy volatile organic substances like formaldehyde. Without a proper ventilation system you will not a good air quality in your office. Bad air quality can cause not only bronchitis or other forms of respiratory disease, but is also the main reason for feeling sleepiness in the office. Maintaining the right oxygen level and healthy clean air does not only have a significant effect on your health, but also on your work.

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Meeting Room

An adult exhales about 22.6L CO2 per hour if he is sitting. German studies have shown that 3 people already after 3 hours in an 80m² room have consumed enough oxygen and exhaled enough carbon dioxide for the air to exceed 1,000PPM of CO2. If you have 10 people in 80m² it takes less than 30 minutes. The air quality starts to become poor quickly. If the windows are not opened, soon headache, fatigue and other symptoms will set in. If the space is more compact, or if a person is smoking or has a cold, the air quality will be worse more quickly. Living in adequate fresh and healthy air is critical to your health, wellbeing and efficiency.

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